BirchwoodThe company originated in 1978 when a small commercial herd was depopulated and restocked with high-health Purebred Yorkshire females and Purebred Landrace boars. Birchwood Swine Farms was born, and the company began selling Yorkshire x Landrace "Maternal Plus" crossbred gilts in 1979. BirchwoodTo maintain the high-health, herd status, no mature animals were brought into the herd after the original population. Genetic introductions were made only by piglets derived by cesarean section in a sterile environment to be cross-fostered onto lactating sows in the herd, and by introducing boar semen from boars housed at a remotely-located site. This stimulated a need for genetically-superior AI boars to maintain and improve the purebred lines and to help produce superior Maternal Plus females for sale.

BirchwoodBy 1981 the company was receiving inquiries for boar semen and in 1982 published its first boar semen catalog. Special focus was given to offering genetics strong in reproductive traits capable of building extremely productive sow herds. In 1984 the company was chosen to represent both the American Yorkshire Club and the American Landrace Association at the National Barrow Show with a "model" purebred female from each breed, known as the prestigious "Hog College Gilt". In 1986 the company was chosen "Seedstock Producer of the Year" locally by the Ohio Pork Improvement Association and nationally by the National Swine Improvement Federation for outstanding leadership and progress in performance testing and genetic improvement in swine.

Birchwood In 1987 the company name was changed to Birchwood Genetics, Inc., and positive changes continued. Birchwood began offering Hampshire and Duroc purebreds and crossbreds for terminal-cross matings and, of course, began featuring semen from outstanding Hampshire and Duroc boars. By 1992 the battery of boars for semen sales had grown significantly, and the entire breeding-stock sow herd was sold to others as a going-concern entity. In June of 1999 the "Top Cut" Showpig Semen Division, which had developed and grown in popularity since the late eightys, was also sold as a going-concern entity. Late in 2000, Birchwood dispensed of all remaining purebred sires and programs and engaged in a long-term agreement with PIC.

birchwood-sign.jpgSince beginning to offer PIC genetics in September of 2000, Birchwood has expanded to production sites in three states, with an inventory of approximately 2,000 AI boars, and has more than quadrupled its volume of semen sales. The focus today is simply to get the best available genetics into the producers' herds in a "service-and-product package" that generates consistent, valuable results helping to build and sustain the success of the customers' enterprises.

The company has always maintained an effort to engage honest and talented people and do all things with integrity and the highest possible standards.