Overview of Products

Industry-leading swine genetics – Birchwood Genetics offers access to all of PIC’s elite sire lines.

As an affiliated GTC partner with PIC USA, Birchwood Genetics Inc. exclusively offers its customers terminal and maternal line semen products from the most progressive swine genetics company in the world – PIC.

Since 2000, Birchwood has provided its customers with PIC genetic programs that meet the needs of producers, packers and consumers.

With six terminal and six maternal sire lines available, and access to the best-of-the-best with the CBVPlus terminal line option, no matter the size or scope of your production system, you can tap into the genetics that leading pork producers around the globe are using.

Birchwood is also an agent for PIC and, with assistance through your PIC account manager, can work with you to outsource PIC breeding stock if this is your preferred method of incorporating PIC genetics in your herd.

Birchwood is also a distributor of AI supplies to our customers. You can choose your favorite products from a number of different manufacturers.  From insemination catheters and swine breeding aids to supplies for on-farm stud operators, Birchwood has access to what you need – at affordable prices. Supplies can be delivered with semen products on our same-day delivery system, Direct Delivery®, with no additional charge for freight.

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