PIC Breeding Stock Females

As an authorized PIC agent, Birchwood Genetics can help facilitate for you the purchase of PIC breeding stock either through a Closed Herd Multiplication (CHM) system or through a TAME sale direct from PIC.

Your Birchwood sales representative will gladly assist you in evaluating the different options available and help direct you to the program that best fits your application.

Through PIC’s multiplication chain, Birchwood can assist you in evaluation of the herd-health status of the multiplier, review the delivery options and review which of the PIC female products best fits your needs.

Today, PIC makes available three different parent-line females to commercial production here in the U.S.  These females are the PIC C-29, PIC C-22, PIC C-23 and the PIC C-42 (Camborough).  The PIC Camborough Family link below will give you an introduction to each of the female lines and their genetic make-up.

The PIC Camborough Family

If you are interested in pursuing the purchase of PIC breeding stock to move your genetic program forward, please feel free to contact your Birchwood sales representative to further study your options.