PIC Terminal Semen


Meat Quality and Performance

The PIC280 boar is produced under PIC's most intensive meat quality improvement program, providing exceptional production durability. The PIC280 is ideal when you are looking for excellent growth rates and feed efficiency for pigs taken to heavy market weights. With a high percent lean, the PIC280 exhibits superior pork quality and marketability.


Efficient Lean Production

The industry's leading lean production boar is known for reducing production costs without sacrificing lean content. The PIC327 continues its 20-year reputation for excellent growth rate and feed efficiency, low backfat levels, high lean content and heavier slaughter weights without sacrificing lean or backfat.


Maximum Growth and Throughput

The industry's leading growth-rate boar, the PIC337RG is focused on greater profitability through increased throughput. This focus on growth makes the PIC337RG ideal for maximizing weight gain with faster barn turnover by reaching market weight in a shorter throughput time, or going to heavier market weights with same barn turnover.


The Leader in Robust Lean Growth

The PIC359 is designed for producers looking for robust lean growth with excellent percent lean. This cross-bred boar performs well in challenging environments with the continued high growth rates and feed conversion you expect from PIC sires. This all-around boar is an excellent choice for producers looking for a more robust sire.


The Ultimate Combination

Bred for maximum system throughput and profits, the PIC380 provides the high standard of carcass and meat quality for which PIC progeny are known. With selection based on PIC's new Crossbred Breeding Values, PIC380 progeny exhibit excellent daily gain and feed conversion rates all the way to heavy market weights.


Outstanding Robust Growth with Excellent Carcass Value

PIC's newest addition to its terminal boar family, the PIC410 is a hybrid boar that combines high primal yields, leanness and robustness with the excellent growth rate, feed conversion, carcass leanness and meat quality of the industry's leading terminal boar, the PIC337RG.

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