Overview of Quality Values

Facilitating customer success is what Birchwood strives to achieve. In addition to featuring PIC genetics, which are the leading swine genetics in the world, great care is taken to process a product utilizing the most accurate evaluation technologies, engage independent laboratories for third-party verification, and manage and deliver the product with optimal care.

From the moment the sires are received, aggressive health testing and monitoring is performed under the watchful direction of the PIC Health Assurance Veterinarian Team.

Collection and processing of boar semen is performed in state-of-the-art facilities, utilizing the latest instruments and technologies, thus providing consistent product quality control.

Delivery of our products is performed with utmost concern with regard to temperature maintenance. Whether the product is delivered with our own same-day courier service called Direct Delivery®, our AirDirect™ airline delivery program, or with commercial overnight delivery services, product care is paramount in our program.