Product Care

Birchwood strives to protect the investment of our customers by properly managing desired temperature of the sperm cells from collection through delivery. Maintaining semen doses at a constant temperature of 63°F (+/- 2°) is the primary requirement to preserving product shelf-life.

Following processing, all doses are placed on open-air shelves and are cooled in a cool room to reduce the temperature down to the target temperature of 63°F (17°C) prior to order packaging.

Direct Delivery® shipments are packaged in Ziploc bags that are placed inside a padded envelope. These envelopes are labeled per customer and placed in coolers to maintain temperature until delivery.

Overnight and AirDirect™ shipments are packaged inside foil bags within thick-walled Styrofoam boxes. In extreme temperatures, a layer of Styrofoam peanuts is placed between an interior chamber containing the semen, and frozen or warm packs, in an attempt to help slow any temperature change to the semen.

If necessary to identify challenges during product transit, a temperature data-logger can be used to record temperatures periodically during the course of a shipment.  These temperature data-loggers can also be used by customers to check the temperature readings and swings in their on-farm storage units.

Click here for more information on Semen Transport Packaging.


Once on the farm, it is important to maintain semen temperature to assure ideal shelf life. We advise the use of a high-low thermometer inside the farm storage unit and for the high and low temperatures to be recorded daily on a Semen Management Form.